Locks, Gates & More

There are a lot of baby products out there – it can be overwhelming trying to find the safest products at the cheapest prices. Not only will we perform a comprehensive evaluation of your home in order to identify problem areas, but we can provide high quality baby safety products that you will feel confident about keeping around. Whether you need specialized baby gates or products to protect your child from kitchen hazards, we can help. Our team is highly qualified and trained with the International Association for Child Safety, an organization dedicated to keeping children safe in all environments.  After the evaluation, you will receive a detailed review of your home listing any potential hazards and our recommended safety solutions that includes our baby safety product recommendations.

We have searched the market for the most effective, highest quality child safety products available. We work with many commercial-gradee products and are hard to find for the general public. Not all baby products on the market meet our high standards. We know what works and that is all we use. You can’t afford to experiment with your child’s safety.

Let us take the guess work out of baby proofing!