Your Highest Quality and Most Affordable Pool Fence

The pool is your backyard oasis, but you know it can be a hazard for your family. With a Family Friendly Pool Fence, it doesn’t have to be. Let one of our professionally installed fences provide the peace of mind you deserve.


Family Friendly Pool Fences include a quad-core powder coated aluminum pole made here in the USA. This design is the strongest and most durable pole on the market. In addition, the mesh used is uniquely designed to stand up to the high Oklahoma winds

Invisible and Removable

Our pool fence is the only pool fence that is 100% invisible from six feet away, and in the event you want to take it down, the entire fence can be removed in under 10 minutes.

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About Us

Family Friendly Pool Fence was formed out of Family Friendly Homes, Oklahoma’s baby proofers. We regularly visited homes with pools in the back, but could not offer or recommend a quality product. We knew the seriousness of child safety around pools, so we made the decision to learn the trade.

We recognized a need for a high-quality affordable pool fence option in Oklahoma that would provide the strength and security needed to protect children of all sizes. We are committed to keeping you and your family safe.

We are also the only pool company in Oklahoma who is a member of the Internation Association for Child Safety.

International Association for Child Safety

We are members of The International Association for Child Safety (IAFCS), a network of child safety professionals and babyproofers. As experts in their field, IAFCS members have the unique experience, knowledge, and skills to help make your home a safe place for your little ones. From conferences and knowledge sharing, to hands on training and product testing, the association is more than just a membership. It is an invaluable resource in this highly specialized profession of child safety.

For more information on IAFCS members, certifications and resource, click here.