About Us

Welcome to Family Friendly Homes

Family Friendly Homes was founded when I realized many parents, in particular new parents, go through many frustrations in creating a safe place at home for their new child, and that Oklahoma would benefit from a qualified authority in home child safety.

I have spent many hours testing babyproofing products while collaborating with manufacturers and other babyproofers across the nation to bring you a business that not only provides installation of child safety products, but educates parents in the best ways to protect their children from harm.

I am a member of The International Association for Child Safety (IAFCS), a network of child safety professionals and babyproofers. As experts in their field, IAFCS members have the unique experience, knowledge and skills to help make your home a safe place for your little ones. From conferences and knowledge sharing, to hands on training and product testing, the association is more than just a membership. It is an invaluable resource in this highly specialized profession of child home safety.

For more information on IAFCS members, certifications and resource, CLICK HERE.

Family Friendly Homes LLC is fully insured. My goal is 100% client satisfaction. Thank you for your interest and I look forward to helping make your home a safe environment for your little one.

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-Brett Tatum